Umami Larder is an artisan food business for the modern foodie, handcrafting small batch blends of nuts and seeds, sauces and pastes with organic and spray-free ingredients.

The Japanese word Umami loosely translates to “fullness of flavour” or “essence of deliciousness”. As lifetime lovers of food—both eating and cooking it—this spoke to what we are trying to achieve with our small business. We love the idea that we can present premium, artisan nut, seed and spice blends that are built on flavour and work to elevate simple dishes. The word larder just felt right as all of the blends are those we have enjoyed making from our own kitchen over the years. We're excited to be sharing these blends with you—from our larder, to yours.

Umami Larder Gift Boxes

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Where it all began...

Umami Larder was a natural progression for Colleen, after a lifetime of preparing homemade food that sparks joy. In 2021, Christmas gifts from her kitchen were so highly praised that they unexpectedly became the business’ first prototypes.

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