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Bourbon Spiced Pecans

Bourbon Spiced Pecans

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Our naughtiest nut yet. We won’t sugarcoat it, these aren't a health food, but they sure are a happy food. With indulgent warming spices and a touch of buttery bourbon, these nuts are the ultimate accompaniment to an afternoon espresso, a dessert platter, or a celebratory champagne toast.

Drawing on our favourite spices from the Silk Road, this blend is a moreish delight with surprising notes of cardamom and nutmeg amongst vanilla and browned butter.

These special nuts make the perfect gift, and pair beautifully with a glass of sparkling or sticky wine. Indulge in a classic taste that will leave you wanting more. We’re biased, but we think these are the best sweet nuts out there!

How to use:

  • Enjoy with an espresso as an indulgent afternoon treat.
  • Decorate a coffee loaf or Italian chocolate chilli cake with the pecans for a seriously show stopping sweet centrepiece.
  • Crush and add to a toffee sauce for a sumptuous topping to pancakes, crepes or waffles. 
  • Enjoy with an end-of-evening coffee, a sticky wine or a champagne toast.
  • Perfect as a petit four for your high tea or dessert platter.


Once opened, transfer into an airtight container (this ensures they keep their crunch!) and store at ambient temperature in a dark place like a pantry or drawer. 


Pecans, coconut and golden sugar, egg whites, butter, bourbon, vanilla extract, flaky salt and our secret spice blend.

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