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Five Seed Scatter (Nut Free)

Five Seed Scatter (Nut Free)

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Nut Free, GF, DF

A blend of five organic toasted seeds mixed with dried herbs and spices, red capsicums, citrus peel and so much more. This is a versatile scatter packed with flavour, crunch and texture. Your new go-to topper from salads to soups and everything in between! Its plant-based ingredients and nut-free certifications make it an ideal choice for those with dietary restrictions, while its unique combination of nutrients offer a multitude of health benefits.

How to use:

  • A salad of roasted baby beet, fresh torn mint leaves, cherry tomatoes halved and goats cheese.
  • A topper for gruyere toastie.
  • Combine with panko breadcrumbs or quinoa flakes for crumbing fish, chicken, meat patties for homemade burgers.
  • A flavoursome crunch to add to a fish potato top pie or shepherd's pie.
  • Scatter over a roast veggie platter, then top with flaked feta and halved cherry tomatoes. This gives flavour, crunch and texture to the roasted veggies, not to mention colour.
  • Use layered in a vegetarian bake.
  • Fantastic to take on a picnic or as a one stop camping flavour mix.
  • Add to butter to flavour a sliced baguette, and bake in tin foil.
  • Add to your favourite seed cracker recipe.
  • Scatter on top of slow baked tomatoes.
  • Add as a topper to a potato gratin with a grating of parmesan cheese and grill till golden.
  • To top off smashed peas & mashed avocado on a slice of sourdough toast.
  • Scatter over scrambled eggs.
  • Add to a pulse, grain or couscous salads.
  • Add to a bowl of hummus.
  • Sprinkle over Mac n' cheese.
  • Ganish a broccoli salad.
  • Scatter over a pizza.
  • Add to cooked cauliflower rice or plain rice.


Once opened, transfer into an airtight container and store at ambient temperature in a dark place like a pantry or drawer. For extended longevity, this blend can also be put into the fridge (which we highly recommend).


Pumpkin, sunflower, poppy and sesame seeds, lemon, chilli, porcini mushrooms, dried bell peppers, our herbs and spice blends, salt and pepper.

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