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Smokey BBQ Rub

Smokey BBQ Rub

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GF, DF, Vegan

Who doesn’t like smokey flavours, we love them!  So, after years of creating our own blends to use on cuts of meat for the BBQ, adding to fritters, soups, and casseroles we've decided to share our family blend with you.

This rub will take you on a journey from the smokey hit of paprika followed by the warmth of chillies and the herbaceous flavour of thyme and bay leaves. This rub is so versatile and designed to be sprinkled liberally to get a full-bodied flavour. Let your imagination run wild.

How to Use:

  • Use as a dry rub to marinate proteins. It goes especially well with cuts like pork ribs, lamb shanks and fried chicken wings.
  • Add into a mussel fritter batter for a pop of spice and smoke.
  • Add a teaspoon to a mayo or sour cream and mix well to make a creamy sauce that accompanies chicken wings, fries or tenders.  


Keep airtight in the tin and store in a spice drawer or panty at ambient temperature. 


Paprika, chillies, spices, salt, citric acid and sugar. 

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